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If you would like to send mail, please send it to:

Killer Powersports
2390 Loon Lake Road
Wixom, Michigan 48393



1. Order placed

2. We notify the customer of the shipping date and when to expect their tracking information

3. Item is shipped and tracking information sent

4. Shipping company calls customer to set up a delivery time and date that works for them

5. Shipping company delivers the product which the customer signs for

6. We send a survey 10 days after the item was shipped to the customer regarding our service so we can continuously improve

*** Please expect your FREE GOGGLES to arrive a couple days after your power sport arrives. They are shipped separately.***


Customers can also call, email, or text us with any questions about their order. We do try to communicate well with customers so they are informed on the status of their order but do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

Phone: 810-516-1710
Text Line: 810-516-1710


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Let’s face it, it does not matter what kind of offer or sale you’re having. When it comes down to choosing an online dealer it’s all about who’s behind the website. Here at PowersportsDistro.com we have compiled 5 reasons as to why we are the better choice – each and every time.

Unlike big wig online dealers, we are a small and private company. We consist of the owner of the company, one sales manager, a website expert and 3 customer service specialists who all know the products and ride. That’s it. Being such a small company would be seen as a disadvantage normally, but in our line of work it’s the biggest advantage we could have. It does not allow for things to “fall through the cracks” accidentally. You won’t be referred to as an invoice number. We don’t have a corporate office space to pay for and other large bills to factor into the cost of our items. We pass the savings onto you by keeping our business small and tight-knit. The most amazing part is if you contact us, more than likely we do not even need to look up your order with an invoice number. When you state your name we 75% of the time know exactly what your order was… right down to the color! Obviously we cannot remember everyone, we are only human after all

We offer the largest inventory of all our items. We receive feeds from our manufacturer daily as to what is in stock and what is not and update our website accordingly. What happens if we make a mistake and mark something as in stock when it isn’t? No problem. We will contact you directly giving you the option of waiting for the item to come in stock again with an estimated arrival date. Or we offer a 100% full refund back to you within 3-4 business days. We are not going to hold your hard earned money hostage trying to usher you into reading fine print.

When purchasing products that we sell, many other dealers just take your money. Then when you try to contact them with a question on the item they are nowhere to be found. You can’t get a hold of them and 95% of the time they will only contact you back if you act like you’re going to purchase from them again. It’s sad, but that is the reality with many dealers. We don’t do this. If you have a question, issue or need to troubleshoot we are here for you. We offer extended warranties on many of our items and we honor them until the day they expire. We don’t give you the run a round, if it’s covered under warranty then it’s rightfully yours. We will ship it at no cost to you.

One of the biggest things we focus on with our website is security. Anytime you send us your information, whether it is through our cart or direct invoice, your personal information is delivered through a secure 256 bit encryption. In simple terms, all of your information is converted to random numbers and letters. This makes it impossible for thieves to obtain your information, even if they did gain access to our system! We pay thousands of dollars a year for this security, knowing you as a respected customer is safe from any form of identity theft or wrongful charges. 90% of the time, we don’t even see your credit card company – only the bank does

If there is a problem with your order, we will tell you right away. The shipping and freight companies we use aren’t perfect and sometimes cause hiccups and delays in getting you your item. If for any reason your shipment is delayed we will let you know that same day. We won’t try to form some cover up story to try and make us sound like the good guy. If it’s our fault then you’ll know it. If it’s the fault of the shipping company or even manufacturer you’ll know it. We don’t lie to our customers in hopes we can build life-long relationships with them. Just like the saying goes, Honesty is the best policy.

Our out-of-state customers enjoy the benefits of NO TAXES when shopping with us online. If you are located in Michigan then you do have to pay Michigan state sales tax. This can save hundreds of dollars!

Thank you for taking the time to consider us for your next power sport! We currently sell over 4000 power sports a year and are growing. Are we perfect? No. Will we ever be? No. Are we continuing to improve daily? Yes, you bet we are! We listen to customers and improve on what YOU say, want, and need. We improve and solve issues by listening to YOU.

We understand customers are nervous about buying large purchases online. One way you can see how long a company has been in business is by looking at how long their domain (website) has been operating. If you have any doubt click on this link and type our website address into it.

Type www.powersportsdistro.com into the link.
This will give you the peace of mind knowing we have been operating since December 21st 2012.
We are based out of Michigan and welcome your calls, emails, texts, and Facebook messages. Please feel free to contact us as we reply to all messages

Thank you for letting us serve you!

-The Powersports Distro Team

Worried about getting parts for your unit? Most companies do NOT offer any parts, if they do, they have to order it from the manufacture, wait for it to get to them, then ship it to you. This could take up to two weeks! We are different, we STOCK the manufacture parts on most all models with hundreds of parts! If you break something or want to upgrade you will have peace of mind knowing we'll be shipping that part the next day.
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