DB-J011 Coolster 125cc Manual Pit Bike QG214 Free Shipping!

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Coolster 125cc Manual Pit Bike
Wheel Size - Front/Rear14 - 12
Kill SwitchYES!
Top Speed45MPH!
Seat Height29.1"
TransmissionManual 4 Speed

DB-J011 Coolster 125cc Pit Bike with Manual Transmission, and 14"/12" Wheels! The Coolster 125cc Manual Dirt Bike QG214 is a Good Choice for Riders Stepping into the 125cc class! Free Shipping!

Key Features

  • The Coolster 125cc Manual Pit Bike is equipped with an industry standard 4-Speed Manual Transmission (1 down - neutral - 3 up), which is much better than the rotary type transmission and keeps the rider in full control of the Dirt Bike.
  • Come with 125cc 4-Stroke Engine that has a 60 MPH speed capability. The 4-Stroke engine ensures that no confusing fluid mixing will be required, just gas it up and start riding!
  • The upgraded kick start on the DB-J014 Dirt Bike makes for quicker and simpler starting.
  • This special a CDI ignition system puts out a defined amount of spark which provides for a faster and stronger response which creates an all around reliable bike.
  • The handlebars, foot pegs, and triple tree are both manufactured in aluminum. This material creates a aerodynamic and lightweight dirt bike, which is perfect for full rider control and maneuvering.
  • The Performance Aluminum Exhaust pipe included on DB-J014 is specially designed to look stylish and improve performance.
  • Heavy Duty Chain and Sprocket. The chain is manufactured to be very heavy duty and durable. The high performance sprocket works with the durable chain for a very reliable pit bike.
  • 14" Front and 12" Rear big Tires are great for speed and traction making them a perfect tire to ride off road with. You can push the envelope of your 125cc Dirt Bikes with these.
  • 29.13" seat height is an optimal height for riders of all ages.
  • Adjustable Rear Mono Shock provides extra comfort while riding on rough terrain. It will keep you safe while taking your 125cc Dirt Bike to its limits.
  • Upgraded Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes are great because they allow the bike to stop much quicker than other types of brakes which makes it very safe for you to ride.
  • Some assembly required


    This bike was designed by experts and used by pros. Our 125cc dirt bikes are the ultimate in competition racing bikes that have a high performance 125cc 4-stroke engine with kick start. These engines are built based on Honda Technology. Many of our expert customers suggested us to remove electric start and we hear them! There is no electric start with our dirt bikes and those bikes are much lighter. What is more, the Aluminum front/ rear rims are the greatest advantages for this racing model,which saving much weight and ensures a convenient operation. You will have smooth and light ride experience with our balanced bikes!

    DB-J014 is the ultimate pit bike in its class! Your Expert Choice! The engineer went on to the suspension and brakes. Both the front and rear suspension has been upgraded. The front has long travel shocks. The rear suspension is mono shock. As any rider would tell you, power is nothing without good brakes. DB-J014 again comes with class leading front and rear Disk Brakes.

    There are other well-engineered touches through out the bike, oversized Aluminum pegs, rubber handle grip , long comfort seat, newly designed Aluminum swingarm etc.... With so many upgrades of XR50 and price tag of lees than $1000, the DB-J014 is a steal!


    Model Number DB-J011 Coolster 125cc Manual Pit Bike
    Engine/Drive Train
    Engine 125cc, 4 stroke
    Cylinder Arrangement Single
    Horsepower(hp) 5.9HP/7500rpm
    Max Torque 6.18N.m/5500rpm
    Cooling System Air Cooled
    Transmission Manual 4-Speed
    Final Drive Chain Drive, Rear wheel drive
    Start System Kick
    Ignition CDI
    Max Speed (MPH) 45MPH+ (Depending on Riders Weight and Road Conditions)
    Frame /Body/ Suspension / Brakes
    Front Suspension Hydraulic Forks
    Rear Suspension Mono Shock
    Front Brakes Hydraulic Disc
    Rear Brakes Hydraulic Disc
    Front Tires 2.50-14
    Rear Tires 3.00-12
    Capacities / Dimensions
    Weight Capacity (lbs) 145
    Net Weight (lbs) 145
    Gross Weight (lbs) 154
    Overall Length 62.9"
    Overall Width 29.5"
    Overall Height 42.5"
    Seat Height 29.13"
    Wheelbase 43.3"
    Ground Clearance 9.05"
    Fuel Capacity (gal) 1
    Safety / Control
    Engine Kill Switch Yes
    Foot Brake Yes
    Decals (Y/N) Yes
    Tool Kit Yes
    C.A.R.B Approved Yes

    Key Features

    • Newest Design Model on the market! Fits for Adults in smaller size and Big Boys !
    • New Graphic Decal Design!
    • Fast, Reliable and powerful! 125cc centrifugal multi-ply Industry Standard Engine.
    • Transmission: Manual Clutch 4 Speed Transmission ---Quicker start and much more convenient! Pro's Choice!
    • 14" front and 12" knobby rear wheels get ready for great traction on a variety of tracks and terrain.
    • Suspension: Front XR70 Replica Forks, w/Springs, Oil Damper
    • Brake: Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake
    • Chain: Heavy Duty Chain and Performance Sprocket.
    • Pipe: High Performance Tuned Exhaust Tail Pipe.
    • Tall Gripper Seat.
    • Off Road Use Only.
    • Some assembly required

    Ride Safe and Have Fun!
    Off-road riding is great fun! When you take proper safety precautions, injury is less likely to occur. As a responsible rider, you must outfit yourself in appropriate safety gear every time you hit the trails. Doing so keeps injuries and equipment damage to a minimum.

    Buy a helmet safety approved by the Department of Transportation. It will have "D.O.T." stamped on the back, near the base. It should fit snugly, allowing very little head movement within the helmet.

    Purchase a quality set of goggles. Trail debris can hit a rider in the face, and sunglasses do not offer enough eye protection. Purchase special safety goggles that easily fit over prescription eyeglasses if necessary.

    Obtain a high-quality pair of off-road riding boots. Tennis shoes and hiking boots are not safe enough for off-road trail riding. A single rock can break an ankle on an ORV trail. Stout riding boots with heavy-duty casings are essential trail safety gear.

    Buy a comfortable pair of riding gloves. Vibration from the handlebars can cause sore hands and wrists. A good pair of riding gloves will absorb some of the impact and make your ride more enjoyable.

    Purchase the appropriate clothing. Regardless of outside temperature, wear a lightweight, long sleeved shirt and thick, full-length pants to protect the skin. Breathable material is necessary, as are bright colors easily visible to oncoming riders. Riding pants and jerseys offer the rider much needed protection from overhanging limbs, branches, and flying debris.

    Acquire a chest protector. Stones thrown by other ATVs and unexpected branches in the trail can hit a person squarely in the chest while trail riding. It is extremely dangerous to have the wind knocked out of you at 50 mph. A chest protector is mandatory safety gear for ORV trail riding.

    Purchase a good neck brace. It provide strong support and good protection to your neck and it is mandatory to wear for dirt riding in some states.