Coolster 110cc Automatic Kids ATV 3050-C

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Coolster 3050C Kids ATV
CA Green StickerYES!
Throttle LimiterYES!
Remote Start/KillYES!
Wheel Size - Front/Rear14x8-6 - 14x8-6
Top Speed32MPH!
Seat Height24.5"
TransmissionFull Automatic

    Coolster 3050C Kids ATV

    The Coolster 3050C kid's ATV is a mini-sized, streamlined ATV, powered by a dependable 4 stroke, 110cc motor. The durable double A-arm front suspension, single rear suspension, drum/disc brakes and improved engine design ensure a great ride.

    The ATVs light weight and low maintenance design make it perfect for casual yard, field and trail riding. The 3050C quad comes standard with several convenient features including remote control, foot brake, automatic transmission and electric start. These quads also come with a rear utility rack for carrying light loads on the trail.

    Additional features include front hub brakes, hydraulic disc brakes on the rear, and a durable chain drive.

    The smooth and reliable 110cc engine is capable of powering riders up to 132 pounds. Coolster ATVs are manufactured under very strict quality control standards that meet ISO 9000 guidelines, giving the 3050C the same performance and reliability as other, more expensive name brand ATVs at a fraction of the price.


    • Model: Coolster ATV-3050C
    • Engine: single cylinder, 4 stroke, air-cooled
    • Displacement: 107cc
    • Max torque: 6.18/5500+/-500 (N.m/r/min)
    • Bore x stroke: 52.4 x 49.5mm
    • Ignition: CDI
    • Starting system: Electric
    • Battery: 12V 4Ah
    • Clutch: Automatic
    • Transmission: Chain
    • Brakes Front/Rear: hub/hydraulic disc
    • Tires Front/Rear: 145/70-6 145/70-6
    • Fuel capacity: 0.63 gal.
    • Gross Weight: 154 lbs
    • Net Weight: 176 lbs
    • Max load: 132 lbs.
    • Wheelbase: 31.5 inches
    • Dimensions (inches): 48.43 L x 29.13W x 31.5H
    • Height to seat: 21.65 inches
    • Seat to Footrest Distance: 14.5 inches
    • Min ground clearance: 2.76 inches


    Model Number Coolster 3050C
    Engine/Drive Train
    Engine 110cc, 4 stroke
    Cylinder Arrangement Single
    Horsepower(hp) 5.92HP/7500rpm
    Max Torque 6.18N.m/5500rpm
    Cooling System Air Cooled
    Transmission Automatic
    Final Drive Chain Drive, Rear wheel drive
    Start System Electric
    Ignition CDI
    Max Speed (MPH) 30+ (Depending on Riders Weight and Road Conditions)
    Battery 12V/4Ah
    Frame /Body/ Suspension / Brakes
    Front Suspension Double a-arm
    Rear Suspension Single arm
    Front Brakes Drum
    Rear Brakes Disc
    Front Tires 14.5x7-6
    Rear Tires 14.5x7-6
    Capacities / Dimensions
    Weight Capacity (lbs) 130
    Net Weight (lbs) 154
    Gross Weight (lbs) 176
    Overall Length 48.4"
    Overall Width 29.1"
    Overall Height 31.4"
    Seat Height 21.6"
    Wheelbase 31.4"
    Ground Clearance 2.75"
    Fuel Capacity (gal) 0.63
    Safety / Control
    Engine Kill Switch Yes
    Remote Stop Yes
    Speed Limiter Yes
    Foot Brake Yes
    Headlights Yes
    Tail Lights Yes

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