Coolster ATVs

Coolster ATVs


Coolster ATVs in 110cc, 125cc, or 150cc models are great options for those looking for a quality beginner sport or utility quad for adults or kids. Coolster fourwheelers are durable, affordable, and built to exceed your expectations. Coolsters last for many years and have support from Powersports Distro where you can find many parts available through our store.

Coolster has a large variety of model options for you to choose from while you research a vehicle for the entire family to ride at a discounted price. Coolster ATVs have clones of Chinese engines which afford you with a quality mix between a sport quad and a utility ATV. These models offer racks on the back, small 6 inch tires and all the safety features that a parent could want for their teen such as foot brakes and a remote kill switch that includes remote automatic starting. More importantly, we can’t forget to mention the throttle governor which allows you to control the top speed of your machine. In addition to the considerations mentioned above, keep in mind that there are varying tire sizes to your ATVs based on body size. Small models will have 6, 7, 8, 12, 14, and 16 inch tires. A midsize ATV will have 14, 16, and 18 inch tires. Knowing how you intend to use your quad will go a long way in deciding just what type of all-terrain or engine cc size vehicles you should be spending your money on.

In terms of engine size, all quad engines are measured in CCs – or cubic centimeters. The larger the number, the bigger the engine and thus the more powerful your quad will be. Keep in mind that higher CCs does not always amount to a faster vehicle, as there are additional considerations when it comes to speed – such as weight, suspension, tires, gearing and the like. Your typical utility quad (made for hunting, light trail riding, etc.) is often heavier and features a wider wheelbase and lower gearing for more torque as opposed to high end horsepower. The racing quad will feature a lightweight design (often using fiberglass on the exterior), higher gearing for top speeds, and less of the creature comforts that the standard utility bike features, such as the brush guards and rear rack.


The bottom line is the affordable nature of Coolster ATVs. Parts are always readily available and there are plenty of model options that cater to your needs. Check out our Coolster options at Powersports Distro for your next purchase.


ATVs Assembly
May include: handle bar brackets, front and rear wheels, front and rear racks (if included), and battery.
(May differ per model)